Re-Entry Survey Emailed to Parents

Posted on July 28 2020

On Monday, July 28th, Livingstone Range School Division emailed all parents a link to a survey regarding student's return to school. Please check your email and complete this survey prior to Monday,…

Re-Entry 2020 Resources

Posted on August 4 2020

Find Livingstone Range School Division's School Re-Entry Plan 2020-2021 and additional up-to-date resources for starting school again at

July 22- Fall Re-Entry Update

Posted on July 22 2020

We look forward to students returning to school this September. Livingstone Range Superintendent Darryl Seguin shares an update on school re-entry. Please see the attached communication.

June 26/20- Enjoy your Summer!

Posted on June 26 2020

Dear A.B. Daley Families,  As we head off into our summer break, we just wanted to say a huge thank you from our staff for all of the kind words and encouragement we have received in these past months.…

Report Cards Will Be Mailed

Posted on June 25 2020

Even though it's been a very unusual year due to COVID-19, report cards will be issued to each student and will be mailed on or before June 26. We wish to thank our staff, students, and families for the…

A.B. Daley 2020-21 Calendar

Posted on June 24 2020

This calendar is handy to print for your fridge.  It shows the school calendar that includes all holidays, non-school days across the division as well as those that are specific to A.B. Daley.  A.B.…

Year End Message to A.B. Daley Families

Posted on June 23 2020

Dear A.B. Daley Families,  We made it!! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to your child's education and for being such amazing supporters of our school. We have such a fantastic school…

Grade Six Farewell Video 2020

Posted on June 19 2020

Congratulations A.B. Daley Class of 2020! 

June 19/20- Principals' Update & Grade Six Farewell…

Posted on June 19 2020

Hello A.B. Daley Families, We are preparing to wind down the year and take a well-deserved break, we hope you and your family are able to do the same. We know that this year has been difficult for everyone…

June 12 Principals' Update

Posted on June 12 2020

Hello A.B. Daley Families, As announced on Wednesday, June 10, by Minister Adriana LaGrange, “The preferred and likely scenario is that students will return to daily in-school classes at the beginning…

Episode 5- Owl's Nest News

Posted on June 11 2020

Please enjoy this week's episode! 

June 9- Annie "Bee" Daley Update

Posted on June 9 2020

More Exciting News! Ever since we dropped off the bees last Thursday night, it has been raining or not warm enough to open up the hives. This afternoon my 3 year old and I snuck over to our new yard and…

Annie "Bee" Daley Update!

Posted on June 5 2020

Good evening A.B. Daley Students, We finally have the bees, and we couldn't be more excited! Due to Covid, our normal shipment of bees was cancelled because we typically order them from New Zealand, so…

Friday June 5/20- Principals' Update

Posted on June 5 2020

Hello A.B. Daley Families,  We are on the homestretch of our school year and have a few important details we would like you to be aware of as we wrap up our school year.  We would also like to wish…

Owl's Nest News- Episode 4- June 3/20

Posted on June 3 2020

Please enjoy this week's episode of Owl's Nest News! 

Fall 2020 Re-Entry Possibilities

Posted on June 1 2020

To: All Parents/GuardiansFrom: Darryl Seguin, Superintendent With only four weeks of the 2019-2020 school year left to go, many of us are thinking of what next school year might be like. I would like…

May 29- Principals' Update- 2020-21 Classroom Configurations

Posted on May 29 2020

Good afternoon A.B. Daley Families, At this time of the year, we are busy planning and looking at setting up for the 2020-21 School Year.  We are awaiting direction from the Provincial Government and…

School Start Supplies for 2020-21

Posted on May 28 2020

We are pleased to offer our families the opportunity to order their child's 2020-21 school supplies online, through School Start with convenient delivery right to your door.  The attached parent letter…

Episode 3- Owl's Nest News- May 27,2020

Posted on May 27 2020

Please enjoy this week's Owl's Nest News! 

Register Online for 2020-2021

Posted on May 25 2020

Registration is open for the 2020-2021 school year. Quickly and easily register your child through our online registration process. Before you get started, make sure you have available: Scan or photograph…