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Friends of A.B. Daley

Friends of A. B. Daley is a group of parents whose main focus is fundraising for many of the extras that help make this school special.   The group supported the School Safety Patrol and Peacekeepers, Literacy and Numeracy Initiatives, music and band programs and purchased computers, SMART boards, and audio visual equipment.

The Friends of A.B. Daley Fundraising Society meets regularly throughout the year, usually 3-4 times. Meeting times are made public to families and new members are welcome to join.

Chairperson: Juanita Calvert
Secretary: Jennifer Handley
Treasurer: Melissa Rookes
Directors:  Cassandra Graves, Anna Thaell, Joscelyn Stangowitz, Corrine Anchoris, Samantha Whitten, Danielle Sroka