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Friends of AB Daley | Fundraisers

Friends of A.B. Daley is responsible for fundraising efforts at A.B. Daley Community School. Proceeds from fundraisers support educational, cultural and recreational activities such as:

  • Special School Activities (i.e. Pink Shirt Day, Spirit Days)
  • Arts, culture and music programs (i.e. Artist in Residence, Theatre Calgary)
  • In-line skating

In addition to the above, funds have also been used for the purchase of both software (i.e. Mathletics, BrainPop) and hardware such as computers for the library and laptops for the classrooms, as well as items for the sensory room and playground equipment, maintenance and repairs.

Friends of A.B. Daley covers a portion of the cost of field trips to ensure participation costs are reduced and affordable for parents. They are also responsible for the weekly lunch program at A.B. Daley Community School.