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Welcome to A.B. Daley Community School


“Our Mission is to create a stimulating, positive learning environment for all our students.  Through focusing on literacy and numeracy we will engage and inspire our students to be creative and innovative, to be responsible citizens and to succeed in today's digitally fluent society.”


All student's learning needs will be met in a timely and effective manner through high-quality programming and teaching.

Education Plan

Education Plan

Annual Education Results Report

A.B Daley School Annual Plan 

Positive School Climate

A major goal of our school is to help promote a positive school climate. School climate is the feel of our school – the mood and atmosphere you sense the moment you enter the school. We feel teachers, parents and students at A. B. Daley already interact in a very positive fashion but this doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to maintain and improve the good things happening here and involve as many people as possible.


Parents, grandparents and other willing persons are welcome to assist at our school. Let your child’s teacher know if you are willing to help.

We encourage parents to take an active interest in their children’s education. Research has shown that children do better in school and grow up to be more successful in life when their parents and families get personally involved in education. Feel free to talk to teachers and administration if you have any questions.

Due to work schedules and little ones at home, many parents are not able to come in to volunteer. Parents, the time you spend with your child at home reading and doing other school-related work is a huge contribution!

In an effort to keep our students as safe as possible Livingstone Range School Division requires all volunteers to have a Criminal Record check done and complete a volunteer application form. The local detachment of the RCMP is open to do the Criminal Record check free of charge, please stop by the office to receive an application. 


School Board Trustees make decisions about how education is delivered locally-including the operations of schools. School Board policies directly impact the development of our children and affect community interests.

Student-Led Conferences

Due to the proven success Student-Led Conferences have once again been scheduled. The parent, student and homeroom teacher use this opportunity to discuss goals and evaluate progress.

Please sign up on our online booking or call the office for more details. 

Field Trips

As a Community School, we traditionally tied our local community and district to enhance our grade-level subjects. Sometimes we venture a little further to the Calgary and Lethbridge areas. We find that planned excursions often bring more excitement to classroom studies.

In keeping with Livingstone Range School Division policy, parent helpers on field trips are considered volunteers hence they need to check with the school office well before the trip so we can go through the necessary steps as per our volunteer policy.

Because our field trips are planned by each teacher for their own classroom, younger or older brothers and sisters in other grades would not be attending these field trips.

Home- Parent Communication

There are a variety of avenues to receive information regarding your child's progress and school events.

Agendas- Communication between home and school is the most important. Parents should check the student’s agenda each night for notes from the teachers, the school and others from the community.

Weekly Update Emails- Teachers send weekly updates with events happening in classrooms, school notifications and upcoming important dates. Please make sure your contact info. is updated in the office to receive these updates.

School Website and Twitter account- You can find up to date school notifications on our school website as well as by following our school twitter feed @ABDaleySchool 

Student-Led Assemblies

School spirit is alive and well at our monthly  assemblies held in the amphitheatre the first Friday of each month at 9:00 AM. Classes take turns planning the assemblies around our character education focus of the month. Student leadership is recognized at these assemblies for Readers of the Month, Gotcha Winners, Safety Patrol and Peacekeepers of the month. The assembly starts with O Canada and ends with the school song. We often have guests join us to present or special speakers. Families are welcome to join in the celebration of success.


Suitable footwear should be worn for the weather condition. Students are asked to remove their outside footwear in the entrances and place them on the appropriate shelves.

It is important to wear non-marking inside shoes for the health and safety of the student as well as to protect our carpet and gym floor.

Student Intake Procedure

An appointment will be made for all in-coming students with the Principal, Assistant Principal or Learning Support teacher to complete an in-take interview.  This allows the school time to arrange appropriate placement, materials, training and required supports, if necessary.  The student(s) will not start school until all of the above are in place.  We know that students will experience more success at A.B. Daley School with proper planning.  Appointments and registration can be arranged by calling our office at 403 646-3161.