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Staff Directory


Photo of Charlee Mappin

Ms. Charlee Mappin


Photo of Allison Martin

Allison Martin

Assistant Principal

Support Staff

Photo of Shannon Sheldon

Mrs. Shannon Sheldon

Office Admin. Assistant

Phone: 403-646-3161

Photo of Robyn Todd

Robyn Todd

Learning Commons Facilitator

Photo of Tracey Wallace

Tracey Wallace


Phone: 403-646-3161


Photo of Sandra Gammie

Sandra Gammie

Grade 1/2

Photo of Jennifer Garbutt

Jennifer Garbutt

Grade 3/4

Photo of Amy Gillespie

Amy Gillespie

Grade 3/4

Photo of Shelby Hewton

Shelby Hewton

Photo of Jessica MacPherson

Jessica MacPherson

Grade 5/6

Photo of Alana Millard

Alana Millard

Grade 1/2

Photo of Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson

Grade 1/2

Photo of Stephanie Reid

Stephanie Reid

Grade 5/6

Photo of Jessica Szoke

Jessica Szoke

Grade 5/6

Photo of Shannon Wickett

Shannon Wickett

Grade 3/4

Educational Assistants

placeholder image for Shelby Brauer

Shelby Brauer


Photo of Jessica Moreau

Jessica Moreau

Early Learning Facilitator

Photo of Wanda Swanson

Wanda Swanson

Educational Assistant

Photo of Ramona Whittingham

Ramona Whittingham

Educational Assistant

Photo of Dawn Wiebe

Dawn Wiebe

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Samantha Wright

Samantha Wright