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A.B. Daley Book Club

November 2nd, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,  

Back by popular demand, A.B. Daley will be continuing to offer students in grades 4-6 the opportunity to join in our Book Club! Your child has expressed interest in joining so I would like to share some details with you!

Students will be meeting monthly  to read and discuss the “book of the month” and take part in activities surrounding the themes and content of each book. We would like to provide each member of the book club with the book of the month and the ability to participate in some monthly leadership and teambuilding activities. As a book club, we will also create opportunities for these students to become leaders in literacy and assist in the planning of school wide literacy events. Our meetings will take place once every few weeks, usually on a Friday afternoon and information will be sent out prior to each meeting.

Book Club members will help determine our book club picks with our assistance and we will be ordering books through the school for each participating student . Our club is made possible by some very generous sponsors in our community who subsidize the cost for us. We  ask that club members make a commitment to read and participate in book club activities- its more fun for everyone this way! Book Club members will also be invited to the Learning Commons on Fridays during lunch recess to read and discuss books with their peers and our teacher leaders!

This program was a huge success last year and we are looking forward to continuing our love of reading with even more of our A.B. Daley School Community. If you would like to know more about this program, please feel free to contact me at any time at 403-646-3161 or beckerj@lrsd.ab.ca.   Information will also be made available on the A.B. Daley School website.


Jolene Becker, Principal

A.B. Daley Community School

December/January 2018 Reading Schedule

Book Club Reading Schedule December/January 2018

Students will receive a copy of the book they signed up to read... with 40 students reading, this works out to around 5-15 kids reading each book. They will each receive a reading schedule with their book, and we will meet again in December/January (meeting date to be decided) to discuss and participate in activities surrounding each book! Stay tuned for more info to come!